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Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

From Nuclear Center, Netanyahu Warns Those Threatening to Destroy Israel (VIDEO)

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All who threaten Israel with destruction is putting itself in danger of being destroyed, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Wednesday from the newly named Shimon Peres Nuclear Research Center in Dimona. Netanyahu’s words were aimed at Iran. “We are working to prevent Iran from establishing a military presence in Syria,” he said. “We will not relent [...]

Bolton Meets Netanyahu in Jerusalem to Discuss Iran

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JERUSALEM (AP) — President Donald Trump’s national security adviser John Bolton has met with Israel’s prime minister in Jerusalem to discuss Iran. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s office issued a statement Sunday saying the premier looked forward to discussing ways to roll back what he described as “Iran’s aggression in the region.” Bolton was quoted by Israeli [...]

Netanyahu Making Friends with Far-Right Austrian Party

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Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz met with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Monday on while on a state visit to Israel. Netanyahu said that he would be boosting contacts with Vienna and praised the visiting chancellor while signaling a change in Jerusalem's chilly policy toward the far-right coalition party with supposed Nazi ties, The Times of Israel reported. Netanyahu called [...]

Netanyahu Hamas Dealt ‘Harshest Blow’ in Years

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  Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned that Hamas and other terrorist groups in Gaza would pay a heavy price if the barrage of rockets and mortars fired from the Gaza Strip yesterday continues. "Since yesterday, the IDF has reacted strongly against Gaza by attacking dozens of terrorist targets in the harshest blow in years," Netanyahu said [...]

Netanyahu Tells Putin: Iran Wants to Carry Out Another Holocaust

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Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told Russian President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday that Iran is seeking to commit another Holocaust by exterminating six million more Jews amid spiraling tensions between Jerusalem and Tehran. Ahead of talks Wednesday in Moscow, Netanyahu urged that the Middle Eastern regional crisis be resolved in “a responsible manner.” Netanyahu had earlier attended [...]

Netanyahu to Iran: ‘Don’t Test the State of Israel’s Determination’

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On Wednesday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spoke from Yad Vashem on Holocaust Remembrance Day and had a blunt message for the Iranian regime that has threatened to destroy Israel: “Don’t test the State of Israel’s determination.” Netanyahu referred to the chemical attack ostensibly launched by Syrian President Bashar Assad last Saturday that prompted Israel’s alleged strike Monday morning on [...]

Minister Yariv Levin: ‘Netanyahu Will Lead Israel for Many Years to Come’

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Tourism Minister says investigations against PM show nothing, Israel has seen incredible achievements recently. Tourism Minister Yariv Levin (Likud) believes that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will not be indicted in any of the investigations against him and will continue to lead Israel for many years to come. The Tourism Minister listed what he believes are the [...]

PM: Opponents ‘Bullying Law-Enforcers to Bring Us Down’

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Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu accused his detractors Thursday evening of exerting “constant bullying pressure” on law-enforcement bodies to bring him and his support base down. Speaking at a Likud rally in celebration of the upcoming Passover festival, he told thousands of party members, supporters and MKs that his opponents had failed to depose him democratically, and [...]

With UN Exhibit, Israel Shows ‘3,000 Years of History Cannot be Denied’ (VIDEO)

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As part of his five-day visit to the United States, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will stop at the headquarters of the United Nations in New York on Thursday to check out a special exhibit aimed at providing archaeological proof of the continuous Jewish history in Jerusalem. The exhibit—a joint effort by the Jerusalem Affairs and Heritage Ministry, and [...]

Amid Gnawing Corruption Scandals, Netanyahu Maintains Hold of His Seat

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Some Israeli politicians are calling for Netanyahu to step aside or even step down. With political storm clouds gathering, talk of early elections has grown louder, and some politicians can be perceived as trying to elbow their way to the front of the race. While Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s upcoming meeting with U.S. President Donald [...]

Prophecy in the News

Prophecy in the News