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Peace between Israel and the Palestinians cannot be achieved without the participation of Russia, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas said during a meeting with President Vladimir Putin in the resort city Sochi on Thursday. “It is impossible to solve the Palestinian issue without Russia’s meaningful participation in the peace process,” Abbas said, according to Tass, an [...]

US, Russia agree to increased diplomacy on Syria

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The Kremlin says Russian President Vladimir Putin and US President Donald Trump agreed to step up US-Russian diplomatic efforts on Syria. The Kremlin says the two leaders agreed in a telephone call Tuesday that Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov will intensify their efforts to bring about a cease-fire, with the goal [...]

US Fighter Jets Intercept Russian Bombers Off Alaska Coast

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Two Russian bombers, each capable of delivering a nuclear payload, flew within 100 miles of the coast of Alaska on Monday night before being intercepted by US fighter jets, reports Fox News. The Two Russian air force bombers, TU-95 “Bear” Planes, were approximately 280 miles from Elmendorf Air Base in the United States when the US scrambled [...]

Russia’s Putin Supports Trump in Fighting Terrorism

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ARKHANGELSK -- Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Thursday (3/30/2017) Moscow would support US President Donald Trump in fighting terrorism and cooperate with the Pentagon and Central Intelligence Agency. "It is right that President Trump sets this goal. We will support this work," Putin said, speaking at an Arctic forum in northern Russia. Putin said he [...]

Russia Orders Investigation into U.S. Media Organizations Operating in the Country

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The Russian parliament has ordered an investigation into U.S. media organizations, including CNN and the Voice of America, “for compliance of their activities with Russian legislation,” according to a statement made on its website Friday. The State Duma, or lower house in Russian parliament, ordered an “audit” of Radio Liberty, the Voice of America, CNN, and [...]

PM Benjamin Netanyahu Visits Russia

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Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu made the following remarks at the start of his meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin earlier today: "Mr. President I am very pleased to see you again. Our frequent visits reflect genuine friendship and a tightening of relations in economics, technology, tourism and culture, as well as the living bridge of the [...]


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Unwilling to wait for Trump to deal with his political enemies, Moscow has scoffed and quickly moved to re-align with Iran in Syria. As a result, Tehran's military presence is solidifying across Israel's northern borders, both in Syria and, via its Hezbollah proxy, in Lebanon. The entire Middle East policy of US President Donald Trump is [...]

Exiles: Putin Could Offer Trump a Deal on Cuba

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Putin seeking to take pressure off deteriorating Russian economy Post-Fidel Castro Havana may lose its long-time protector and guarantor of security, Russia, according to Cuba-watchers in Miami’s community of exiles and dissidents. They predict Russian President Vladimir Putin will offer the incoming Trump administration a free hand to deal with Cuba as it sees fit in [...]

Russian President Putin Warns America: “If It’s Hillary Clinton, It’s War”

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On May 14, 2016, a grim Ministry of Defense (MoD) report circulating in the Kremlin states that during President Putin’s meeting earlier today with Aerospace Defence Forces (ADF) commanders where he ordered them to accelerate the deployment of at least two more missile attack early warning system satellites, he further warned these military leaders about the [...]

US-Russia relations plummet further over Syria, Ukraine

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WASHINGTON (AP) — Already testy, relations between the United States and Russia plummeted Monday as Washington suspended diplomatic contacts with Moscow over failed efforts to end the war in Syria and President Vladimir Putin put on hold a deal with the U.S. on disposing weapons-grade plutonium. On the surface, the suspensions were unrelated. But both underscored [...]

Prophecy in the News

Prophecy in the News