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Resistance Movement Planning Civil War to Overthrow the Government on Nov. 4, 2017- VIDEO

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First Reported on August 23, 2017 NEW YORK — One week after Charlottesville, “the Resistance” is planning its next move. Members of a group calling itself “Refuse Fascism” met in five cities around the country on Saturday with the intent to plan and organize nationwide demonstrations later this year. Their goal, according to Eva Sahana, a [...]

POLLAK: Democrats, It’s Time to Stop Calling Yourself the ‘Resistance’

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For months, left-wing activists opposed to President Donald Trump have been calling themselves the “Resistance,” likening themselves to the partisan underground in Nazi-occupied Europe – with Republicans cast as the Nazis. California Governor Jerry Brown cautioned his colleagues against the use of that term. “I don’t use the term resistance … That was a term I [...]

Washington DC: Greenpeace Activist Hung a Banner Reading “RESIST”

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Early this morning, Greenpeace activists hung a banner reading "RESIST" from a construction crane located at 15th and L in Washington, D.C., just blocks away from the White House. D.C. police have released this statement: "A small group of protesters have engaged in dangerous behavior in downtown Washington, D.C., this morning. While we respect everyone's right [...]

Prophecy in the News

Prophecy in the News