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Israel Launching Two New Satellites Into Space Simultaneously

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Israel is set to simultaneously launch two new satellites into space for the first time. On Wednesday, the Israel Space Agency (ISA) launched the two satellites on the Vega launcher in French New Guinea. The satellites are the OptSat 3000 spy satellite, acquired by Italy’s Ministry of Defense, and Israel’s first environmental research satellite, Venus. In [...]

Mysterious Russian ‘Killer Satellites’ Spring Back to Life After Two Years of Inactivity

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Russia could be preparing for a space war after reactivating a group of satellites that military observers believed were inoperative. The objects first attracted attention for their unusual manoeuvrability which led some to suspect they were weapons, but they appeared to lay dormant for almost two years. Now the spacecraft have sprung back into action, raising concerns [...]

Prophecy in the News

Prophecy in the News