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State of Palestine

Is South America Turning Pro-Israel?

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A day after Colombia's foreign minister announced the country's recognition of a Palestinian state, the government backtracked and vowed to review the move. The original decision was taken by former president Juan Manuel Santos right before he was replaced by Ivan Duque, who was sworn in on Tuesday. The new leader—who has since promised to re-evaluate [...]

Erdogan and Abbas Bark About Jerusalem, But their Threats Have No Bite

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At the Organization of Islamic Cooperation’s “Extraordinary Islamic Summit” Wednesday in Istanbul, many leaders from Arab and Muslim-majority countries spoke out harshly about the US administration’s recent recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. But, despite their bluster, the forecast calls for mostly calm conditions. Many of the threats they issued are rendered meaningless by the rules [...]

Prophecy in the News

Prophecy in the News