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Thousands of Swedes Are Getting Microchip IDs Inserted Into Their Hands

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Thousands of Swedes are getting microchip IDs inserted into their hands to swipe into homes, offices, concerts and even to access Social Media. Many people in Sweden have been starting to get chipped (RFID tags) since the spring of 2018. People get a chip surgically inserted between their thumb and index finger which then replaces all plastic cards, keys, and [...]

In Sweden, Go to Church and Give Your Tithe…ELECTRONICALLY??

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That’s right! The “Cashless” society is now in Sweden. That step towards a One World Government and the Mark of the Beast. You say we have been a cashless society for a long time with credit cards and debit cards, but not like Sweden. As reported in the New York Times, in Sweden, parishioners text tithes [...]

Swedish Prime Minister says “We’ll Never Go Back” to Allowing Mass Immigration

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Some would argue that the Prime Minister’s message has come too late. In response to the terrorist attack last week, Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven promised on Sunday that Sweden would never again allow mass migration into their nation. “Sweden will never go back to the [mass immigration] we had in autumn 2015 — never. Everyone [...]

Prophecy in the News

Prophecy in the News