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‘Big Brother’ in India Requires Fingerprint Scans for Food, Phones and Finances

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Seeking to build an identification system of unprecedented scope, India is scanning the fingerprints, eyes and faces of its 1.3 billion residents and connecting the data to essentials like welfare benefits and mobile phones. Civil libertarians are horrified, viewing the program, called Aadhaar, as Orwell’s Big Brother brought to life. To the government, it’s more like [...]

America’s Power Grid is Vulnerable

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On December 23, 2015, a group of hackers infiltrated and disabled three major power stations in Western Ukraine, leaving 230,000 homes without power in the middle of a freezing winter. It was the first major cyber attack on a power grid in history. Scarily, far from being soft targets, those Ukrainian power stations had better cyber protection [...]

Iran Caught Importing Missile Technology

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Ukrainian authorities have confirmed that they seized a shipment of missile system components bound for Iran, according to official statements that could put the Islamic Republic in violation of international bans on such behavior. The State Border Guard Service of Ukraine, or DPSU, announced late last week that it had seized at least 17 boxes filled [...]

Attack of the Drones – Trailer Part 1

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Prophecy in the News

Prophecy in the News