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Syria and North Korea are bit players. Iran is the bigger threat.

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President Trump and his advisers are rightly concerned about Syria and North Korea. These rogue states, guilty of human rights atrocities, pose the risk of wider violence and destabilization. Syria’s civil war has already created millions of refugees, has rekindled diseases (e.g. polio) that were once thought to be extinct and has allowed the country to [...]

California: “Progressive” Women’s Group Now Building a ‘Pipeline’ for Muslim Candidates

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Muslims in Orange County have also become more involved inside party leadership recently, he said, winning several delegate seats in the California Democratic Party in January. Karen Hinks had spent approximately a year training women of color to run for office in Orange County, California, when President Donald Trump was elected. During her training sessions, she saw [...]

North Korea missile test: Latest launch ‘blew up almost immediately’

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A North Korean missile fired from the east coast of the country Sunday “blew up almost immediately,” officials said. The U.S. Pacific Command said the missile, which came near the city of Sinpo, “blew up almost immediately,” but the type of missile was still being assessed. The failure came one day after Pyongyang celebrated one of [...]

Dropping ‘Easter’ From Cadbury Eggs Sparks a Culture War

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Some American conservatives, including President Trump, warn that secular elites, pursuing an agenda of political correctness, have played down religion as part of a so-called “War on Christmas.” In Britain, some are now warning of a “War on Easter.” The “storm in an egg cup,” as the network ITV put it, began after the confectionary giant [...]

U.S. Drops Its Largest Non-Nuclear Bomb In Afghanistan

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This is the first time a Massive Ordnance Airbust Bomb (MOAB) has been used in combat. The MOAB, also known as the “Mother of All Bombs,” was dropped out of a C-130 aircraft in Afghanistan. The Pentagon said Thursday that U.S. forces in Afghanistan dropped the military’s largest non-nuclear bomb on an Islamic State target in [...]

US Navy Carrier Strike Group Sets Its Sights On North Korea

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President Trump Tuesday addressed the growing threat out of North Korea, following recent ballistic missile tests and the fear that Kim Jong Un’s regime could be closer to building a nuclear-tipped missile, capable of reaching the United States. The president tweeted a warning to North Korea, writing, “North Korea is looking for trouble. If China decides [...]

Neil Gorsuch Confirmed by Senate as Supreme Court Justice

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WASHINGTON – Judge Neil M. Gorsuch was confirmed by the Senate on Friday to become the 113th justice of the Supreme Court, capping a political brawl that lasted for more than a year and tested constitutional norms inside the Capitol’s fraying upper chamber. The moment was a triumph for President Trump, whose campaign appeal to reluctant [...]

Swedish Prime Minister says “We’ll Never Go Back” to Allowing Mass Immigration

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Some would argue that the Prime Minister’s message has come too late. In response to the terrorist attack last week, Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven promised on Sunday that Sweden would never again allow mass migration into their nation. “Sweden will never go back to the [mass immigration] we had in autumn 2015 — never. Everyone [...]

North Korea missiles: US warships deployed to Korean peninsula

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The US military has ordered a navy strike group to move towards the Korean peninsula, amid growing concerns about North Korea's missile program. The Carl Vinson Strike Group comprises an aircraft carrier and other warships. US Pacific Command described the deployment - now heading towards the western Pacific - as a prudent measure to maintain readiness [...]

U.S. Launches Airstrikes Against Syria on Airfield After Chemical Attack

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President Trump has launched airstrikes in Syria in response to deadly chemical attacks allegedly ordered by the country's president, Bashar Assad, against his own people. "Tonight I ordered a targeted military strike on the airfield in Syria from where the chemical attack was launched," the president announced from his Mar-a-Lago resort in Palm Beach, Fla, where [...]

Prophecy in the News

Prophecy in the News