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U.S. Air Force

Islamic State-Infested Island Cleared by 80,000 Pounds of U.S. Bombs (VIDEO)

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An island in Iraq home to Islamic State terrorists was annihilated Tuesday night by almost 80,000 pounds of bombs dropped from combined U.S. and allied warplanes. Dramatic aerial footage shows multiple explosions as bombs hit Qanus Island followed by huge mushroom clouds billowing into the air over the Tigris River. U.S. Air Force F-15 Strike Eagle [...]

U.S. Led Coalition Hits ISIS in Iraq, Syria with 66 Strikes in Past Week

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The Department of Defense announced on Friday that a U.S.-led coalition completed 66 strikes against the Islamic State between May 11-17. Combined Joint Task Force Operation Inherent Resolve and its partners stuck ISIS caves, campsites, training camps, bomb factories, and other targets in Iraq during five of the past seven days. No strikes were carried out in Iraq [...]

US Air Force Gears Up To Put Nuclear Bombers On 24-Hour Alert

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During the height of the Cold War, B-52 bombers armed with nuclear warheads were stationed and ready for action 24 hours a day. Now the US Air Force is getting ready should this reality return. The United States Air Force is taking preparatory steps to put nuclear-armed B-52 bombers on full-time alert, ready to fulfill their [...]

Prophecy in the News

Prophecy in the News