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United States Navy

US Navy: No Sign of Iranian Harassment of American Warships in 2018

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According to The United States Navy, the number of Iranian harassments of U.S. warships is down to ZERO in 2018. President Trump continues to make America strong and respected! The usual harassment of U.S. warships by small Iranian gunboats in the Persian Gulf has stopped this year, according to the Navy, but the suspension of such [...]

Broken Arrows, Empty Quivers – Will the World’s Lost Nuclear Weapons Trigger World War III?

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In Dec. 5, 1965, Lt. Douglas M. Webster climbed into his aircraft as he prepared to take part in a round of United States Navy training exercises. The plane was an A-4E Skyhawk, on board the uss Ticonderoga aircraft carrier. The Ticonderoga was en route from duty along the Vietnamese coast to a port call in Japan. When [...]

Prophecy in the News

Prophecy in the News