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Atheists Unhappy With White House Bible Study

By | August 4th, 2017|Tags: , , , , , , , , , , |

Atheist groups are unhappy with President Donald Trump for allowing a weekly Bible study to take place in the White House. The Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) said the Bible study might even be an illegal use of taxpayer funds, the Washington Times reported Thursday. "If those officials want privacy, the solution is pretty d*mn simple: Study the Bible in your [...]

Cabinet Members Launch White House Bible Study

By | August 1st, 2017|Tags: , , , , , , |

There’s one weekly gathering of President Donald Trump’s executive branch that isn’t getting much coverage from the media but it may be one of the most influential — a Bible study. “I don’t think Donald Trump has figured out that he chained himself to the Apostle Paul,” Ralph Drollinger, the head of Capitol Ministries, joked as [...]

Obama: ‘I Believe Deeply that the Liberal International Order…Is the Only Choice’

By | July 5th, 2017|Tags: , , , , , , , , |

“But the future does not favor the strongman,” Obama said. “I believe deeply that the liberal international order — is the only choice.” Former President Barack Obama is traveling abroad with his wife and daughters, but the family isn’t exactly vacationing. On Monday, Obama spoke at the Asian Leadership Conference in Seoul and met with President [...]

U.S. to Sanction Chinese Bank Over North Korea Financing

By | June 30th, 2017|Tags: , , , , , , , |

WASHINGTON—Marking a new phase in the Trump administration’s pressure on North Korea, the White House said it plans to cut off China’s Bank of Dandong from the U.S. financial system, accusing it of facilitating financing for companies involved in Pyongyang’s weapons program. The move is an escalation in Washington’s efforts to rein in North Korea’s nuclear [...]

Iranian Dissidents Demand Investigation Into Islamic Regime’s Secret U.S. Lobbying Network

By | February 22nd, 2017|Tags: , , , , , , |

Leading Iranian dissident voices say Tehran infiltrating U.S., VOA Persia service A group of nearly 100 prominent Iranian dissidents is demanding that Congress launch investigations into clandestine efforts by the Islamic Republic to influence U.S. policy using a network of lobbyists and propaganda pieces placed in Voice of America's Persian service, according to a letter sent [...]

NEW YORK POST: How Obama is Scheming to Sabotage Trump’s Presidency

By | February 14th, 2017|Tags: , , , , , , |

The 55-year-old Obama is not content to go quietly into the night like other ex-presidents! When former President Barack Obama said he was “heartened” by anti-Trump protests, he was sending a message of approval to his troops. Troops? Yes, Obama has an army of agitators — numbering more than 30,000 — who will fight his Republican successor at [...]

Iran scorns Trump, rebuffs U.S. warning on missiles

By | February 8th, 2017|Tags: , , , |

Ayatollah Ali Khamenei on Tuesday dismissed the U.S. decision to put Iran "on notice" over its missile tests and called President Donald Trump the "real face" of American corruption. In his first speech since Trump's inauguration, Iran's supreme leader called Iranians to take part in demonstrations on Friday, the anniversary of Iran's 1979 Islamic revolution, to [...]

Cameras Just Caught Trump Doing Something Not Seen Often During Obama Administration

By | February 1st, 2017|Tags: , , , , |

The photo, shared on Trump’s presidential Twitter feed, shows Trump, his two eldest sons, Vice President Pence and wife Karen, Reince Priebus, and Justice Scalia’s widow Maureen and son Fr. Paul Scalia, among others, praying with nominee Neil Gorsuch and his wife Marie Louise in the White House. The photo was taken shortly after Trump announced Gorsuch as [...]

Newspaper Editor Calls for ‘Murder in the White House’ to End ‘Trump Catastrophe’

By | January 27th, 2017|Tags: , , , , |

Editor and publisher of the left-leaning German newspaper Die Zeit Josef Joffe has said that “murder in the White House” could be a way to end the “Trump catastrophe” on a German television programme. Mr. Joffe made the remarks on an episode of “Presse club” on the public broadcaster ARD during a segment which featured calls from viewers. One [...]

Iran: U.S. Surrendered More Than $10 Billion in Gold, Cash, Assets

By | January 9th, 2017|Tags: , , , , , , |

The Obama administration has paid Iran more than $10 billion in gold, cash, and other assets since 2013, according to Iranian officials, who disclosed that the White House has been intentionally deflating the total amount paid to the Islamic Republic. Senior Iranian officials late last week confirmed reports that the total amount of money paid to [...]

Prophecy in the News

Prophecy in the News