Truths Of Christmas!

Truths Of Christmas!

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You won't believe the misconceptions surrounding the nativity scene! From Innkeepers to Wise Men, Dr. Charles Hiltbidal & Dan Goodwin break down the true Christmas story!

Truths Of Christmas CD set:

This is a three CD series on the Christmas story with historical & archeological evidence surrounding the birth of the Saviour

Dr. Charles Hiltibidal was born in a lay preacher’s home in 1948. He grew up in rural southern Illinois and has 46 years of ministry to his name.

His many years as pastor, as well as involvement in Creation work coupled with a lifetime of study in prophecy, has led to the development of the Walk Through Time conferences that he conducts across the nation.

His five children are all involved in the ministry with their mates and families serving the Lord. This is what he and his wife see as their greatest accomplishment and reward.

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