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Billy Graham's Daughter's PROPHETIC WARNING After She Saw THIS At Trump's Prayer Service

Billy Graham’s Daughter’s PROPHETIC WARNING After She Saw THIS At Trump’s Prayer Service

Many were encouraged by what they saw at Trump’s inauguration.

More prayer than before and a total turn-around from the last administration’s goals.

But Anne Graham Lotz, though admiring of Trump’s bold speech, saw something else that concerned her at the Inaugural Prayer Service in the National Cathedral. She shares about it in her blog:

“While President Trump made a clear statement to the political world, I would like to make a clear statement to the religious world. I have just watched the Inaugural Prayer Service in the National Cathedral,” says Lotz.


“President and Mrs. Trump, Vice President and Mrs. Pence, and their families were in attendance along with many other dignitaries.Two of my family members and many of my friends participated. But the program also included Buddhists, Muslims, Hindus, and representatives of other religions,” Lotz continues.

“While I appreciated the effort to unify people as we seek God, I’ve asked myself: How can light unify with darkness? How can truth unify with the false?” asks Lotz.

“Because the living God who is the Creator of the heavens and the earth, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, was included in the program of the Prayer Service in America’s National Cathedral as though He is just one of many gods.”

Lotz is warning us that a lot of prayer isn’t necessarily a good thing–if it’s to a lot of false gods. She urged in her message: “Please, America! Don’t turn to just any god. Turn to the one, true, living God who loves us, who will hear us, who will forgive us, and the only One who can bring healing to our nation.”

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