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California Looking to Allow Communists to Enter State Government Roles

California Looking to Allow Communists to Enter State Government Roles

The Republic of California has certainly shown that it is moving further and further away from the ideals and principles of the United States of America.

The liberal stronghold has been fabricating an entirely ridiculous anti-Trump and anti-conservative platform for the better part of 6 months.  (To be fair, they’ve always been anti-conservative, but they’ve truly committed to an exponentially stauncher approach since The Donald was elected).

While much of the nation has been focused on the New Fascism movement being adopted by liberals in college towns such as Berkeley, California, the state as a whole has been considering secession from the United States in order to preserve their unwarranted, leftist way of life.  Now, in what could only be described as an insane proposition, some California lawmakers are pushing to adjust the state’s legislation to allow Communists to hold official government positions.

“The California State Assembly passed a bill Monday to allow state employees to be communists” — a surprise to observers who may have presumed many state employees were already communists.

“The bill, AB 22, would amend existing laws — passed, the Sacramento Bee says, ‘during the “Red Scare” of the 1940s and ’50s” — that allowed state employees to be fired if they were found to be members of the Communist Party.’

“Moreover, the bill would delete existing section of the state code declaring California’s official opposition to communism.

“The new bill, proposed by Assembly member Rob Bonta (D-Oakland), would leave intact the provisions of the state code that bar state employees who belong to organizations that ‘advocated the overthrow of the Government of the United States or of any state by force or violence.’”

That last tidbit of information certainly seems somewhat hypocritical, given that Communists have an innate longing to recreate the United States in their own socialist image.  That remaining provision would also cause serious issue for state-funded positions at the University of California in Berkeley, where school administrators have been capitulating and humoring their millennial New Fascist student population as they terrorize the campus and surrounding city in an effort to shut down conservative free speech.

This is yet another example of California’s runaway liberalism, now bordering on true, unadulterated Fascism, that will surely lead to a larger conflict between American freedoms and West Coast leftist ideology.

Reported by: Andrew West – Constitution .com

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