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Christian Politician Declares, "Jesus Is Coming Back Again!" in Middle of Government Meeting

Christian Politician Declares, “Jesus Is Coming Back Again!” in Middle of Government Meeting

A Canadian politician received an incredible standing ovation after preaching an Easter message during a parliamentary session. Speaking about freedom of religion, Christian MP Ted Falk highlighted the important role of Judeo-Christian values in the formation of the country. Then, he started to PREACH.

He spoke of how this last weekend Christians celebrated Easter, and mentioned a well-known worship leader! “Easter is a time when singer-songwriter Chris Tomlin so wonderfully expresses ‘God’s love ran red,’ and he sent his only Son to be crucified to pay the price for our sins,” declared Falk.

Falk also addressed the issue of the sanctity of life. He said: “Freedom of religion is the cornerstone of democratic societies.

“One of the things that makes Canada so great is the freedom we enjoy to follow our consciences and to live out our faiths in a diverse society,” he added.

Falk has previously spoken up in the Canadian Parliament against assisted suicide, stating that he believes in the sanctity of life “from conception to natural death.”

He concluded with these incredible words: “The really good news is; the cross couldn’t hold him, the tomb is empty, we serve a living Savior, and he’s coming back again!”

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