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Facebook to Right-Wing Publishers: We Promise We’re Not Throttling You

Facebook to Right-Wing Publishers: We Promise We’re Not Throttling You

The question is…do you believe them?

It not only goes for politics and “Fake News,” but also for the Christian Community. Our Facebook page for Prophecy in the News gets hundreds of new “likes” and “followers” each week, yet we have gone from 235,955 followers to 235,535 in the last 6 weeks. Yes, we are going backwards and even for those who follow our page and have us marked as “SEE FIRST,” good luck getting Facebook to honor your wishes. That I can prove on my own personal Facebook page. Read this article and you will understand more about just what is happening to the Christian community in America today. It is shameful in every way! But, when Christians care enough to “like” and “share” post from us and other Christian Facebook pages, that strengthens the Christian community and lets the left-wing Facebook owners know that we are not going away. As a Christian, when you opt-out of Facebook, you must give into them. We can stand up together and fight this, or we can let them defeat us. The same is true on YouTube with Google as their owners. As a Christian, it is in your hands. Like our pages and post, share those post and help us get the word out of the second coming of Jesus Christ and His FREE wonderful gift of Salvation!

At a House Judiciary Committee hearing earlier today, U.S. Rep. Steve King of Iowa demanded an answer from Facebook Vice President for Global Policy Management Monika Bickert.

Why, he wanted to know, is Gateway Pundit losing traffic?

Gateway Pundit being a pro-Trump news site that’s promoted far-right hoaxes and which announces prominently to readers of its page: “Facebook is currently censoring conservative content.”

Today’s hearing on how social media companies handle the presentation of content — who sees what, and why — probably encapsulates as well as anything the state of modern civic life in America. About why people think what they think about the news, about politics, Trump, everything.

About the hearing specifically, it was another of those things were two people can be looking at it and Republicans see rampant bias, while Democrats howl in response that there’s nothing here, that this is not even a thing.

“It’s a matter of congressional record that

[the] Gateway Pundit, Mr. Jim Hoft, has introduced information into the record that in the span of time between 2016 and 2018 he saw his Facebook traffic cut by 54 percent,” King explained during the hearing. Which promoted one Twitter user to wonder the obvious question out loud.

Democrats, as we and others have noted, see the opposite problem. They think Facebook is letting too much stay on the platform unchecked. With the conspiracy- and fake news-peddling site InfoWars generally presented as Exhibit A.

After all the sound and fury had settled from today’s hearing — and accomplished precisely nothing — New York Magazine probably got closest to the truth of the matter with a pat summation that News Feed is simply, well, a bad product. That never mind all the back and forth and non-answers over what counts as news and what Facebook’s responsibility should be, “Facebook would not have this issue to anywhere near the extent that it currently does if it did not have the algorithmically ranked News Feed.”

Here’s some of what Bickert shared in her prepared testimony today: “People share billions of pictures, stories, and videos on Facebook daily. Being at the forefront of such a high volume of content sharing means that we are also at the forefront of new and challenging legal and policy questions, including questions around how to keep our community safe and the dialogue on our platform healthy.”

In a Facebook blog post today, Bickert spelled out some concrete steps the social networking giant is taking to try to keep a better lid on problematic content. For one thing, it’s bumping up the number of people working on its safety and security teams this year to 20,000. That includes more than 7,500 content reviewers.

A stance of sorts out of Facebook does seem to be coalescing today. That stance being — Fake news is bad. Publishing it, however, doesn’t seem to violate the company’s terms and conditions. Which is why, for now, InfoWars stays.

Another day, another round of the big blue empire wanting to have its cake and eat it too.

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