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German Media Portray Trump as Hitler and KKK Supporter

German Media Portray Trump as Hitler and KKK Supporter

The media outrage in America against Donald Trump’s statements about Charlottesville was gigantic, but the German media took it a step further.

Der Spiegel and Stern, Germany’s two leading magazines, sharply condemned United States President Donald Trump’s statements about the demonstrations in Charlottesville, Virginia. Der Spiegel masked him in their magazine published on August 19 as a kkk supporter, while Stern depicted him on August 24 as America’s Adolf Hitler. The common consensus: President Trump has disqualified himself to rule this world.

The reason for the media outrage was Mr. Trump’s statements about the events on August 12. As white supremacists clashed at their “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville with counterprotesters, Trump condemned both sides. Although his statements were factually correct, the media claims that President Trump is unable to distinguish the good from the bad and thus supports racists.

Der Spiegel published a series of articles in their magazine on August 19 declaring Donald Trump a racist. The prelude to the articles reads: “Great Again—Like no other president before him, Donald Trump took a guarding stance for white nationalists and neo-Nazis. Economic leaders, high-ranking military officials and Republicans clearly distanced themselves for the first time from the racist in the White House” (Trumpet translation throughout; emphasis added).

In its lead article titled “The Racist,” Der Spiegel warned: “President Donald Trump sets fires. Why is he still being trivialized?” Another article on page 16 titled “Who Sows Anger” shows President Trump masking himself as a member of the kkk. In that article, Der Spiegelwrote:

Trump has done just the opposite

[of former President Barack Obama], sowing hatred instead of reconciliation, because he was angry and because he felt misunderstood. … The most powerful man in the world expresses himself like a Nazi apologist—avoids calling the evil by name—in the country that helped defeat Hitler. This is unprecedented in America, which is rightly proud of its role in the Second World War.

Another prominent German magazine depicts President Trump with the Hitler salute on its cover. Under the headline “Sein Kampf” (“His Fight”), Stern wrote on August 24: “Neo-Nazis, kkk and racism: How Donald Trump stirs up hatred in America.”

Stern’s cover page was sharply criticized by the Jewish Central Council. “The representation of President Trump as a supposed new Hitler is tasteless and completely mislaid,” Josef Schuster, president of the Jewish Central Council in Germany, told Tagesspiegel. Schuster claims that depicting Trump as Hitler belittles what Nazi Germany did during World War ii. Schuster is right, but why is the German media so adamant about discrediting Trump?

Germany knows how to use the war against Trump to its advantage: This development in the White House needs to be opposed and who is better suited for that job than the one who has already overcome its Nazi past—Germany. The German media wants you to believe that the nation repented from its past and a greater evil is now rising in the White House.

It takes a mere casual read through of German newspapers these days to sense the rising hatred Germany has for its former friend America. Just a few decades ago, Germany was humbled and subordinate to the Western alliances—times have dramatically changed.

Today’s headlines show how quickly Germany is ready to betray its relationship with America. But even more astonishing is that this mood swing in Germany was prophesied in your Bible more than 2,000 years ago. Although the two nations may continue to cooperate for a short time, Germany’s hatred toward America will soon lead it to betray its friend. Watch the Key of David program “Germany’s Break From America” to learn about this prophesied betrayal.

But Bible prophecy does not end there. The Bible also shows that a German-led Europe will be the last superpower to rule this world. Mankind will soon learn that neither President Trump nor Germany is able to solve mankind’s problems. The prophecy in Daniel 2 is clear: All men’s attempts to rule this world will come to an end at the Second Coming of Jesus Christ, who will establish an everlasting kingdom and bring mankind’s long-desired peace.

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