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IAF Strikes 7 ISIS Militants 200 Meters From Golan Heights Border

IAF Strikes 7 ISIS Militants 200 Meters From Golan Heights Border

Israel struck seven ISIS militants who were 200 meters from the Israeli border in an air strike on the Syrian-held Golan Heights overnight Wednesday, the army confirmed on Thursday.

At 10:30 p.m. IAF jets hit seven armed terrorists, who were tracked by Israel for several kilometers. The terrorists were situated between the Alpha line and the border. No terrorists infiltrated Israeli territory, the army said, and elite IDF troops found seven bodies with grenades, 5 Kalashnikov rifles, and suicide vests, among other items.

The terrorists had crossed the Alpha line in the Syria-Jordan-Israel border triangle area.

In the past few days, Assad has reconquered the territory held by ISIS in the Yarmouk basin.

It is believed that these militants belonged to ISIS and that they fled the areas recaptured by Assad and went to carry out this attack. The IDF said it has been following this for awhile and was not surprised by this incident.

“The Assad regime is responsible for everything that occurs in Syrian territory, and anything that is carried out against Israel,” the army said

Israeli and Syrian officials have indirectly met several times on the Golan Heights via UN intermediaries at the request of Russia to discuss the return of troops belonging to the Assad regime to the area.

Israel took control of the 1,200 square kilometers of the Golan Heights from Syria during the Six Day War in 1967 and unilaterally annexed the area in 1981. According to Israeli intelligence estimates, there are thousands of Iranian advisers and Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps officers in Syria, some 9000 Shiite militia fighters from Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iraq and another 7,000 Hezbollah fighters.

Jerusalem has repeatedly said it would not allow Iran to set up a permanent presence in Syria and officials from Israel and Russia have met regularly to discuss the conflict.

Moscow intervened in the Syrian conflict in September 2015 and  Russia has deployed military police to monitor several de-escalations zones in Syria, including one watch-post near Israel’s Golan Heights, established last year in a ceasefire brokered by Russia and the United States.

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Prophecy in the News

Prophecy in the News