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Iran Wants to Destroy Israel and America

Iran Wants to Destroy Israel and America

During the first Christian Media Summit in Jerusalem, Israeli Diaspora Affairs Minister Naftali Bennett warned that Iran is plotting to destroy Israel and the United States: “The Iranians made the deal with the West to create a false sense of paradise.”

“Iran is building a machine that will enable them to create dozens of nuclear weapons that will turn them into a regional super-power, with their inter-continental ballistic missiles poised to annihilate us

[Israel] and the USA,” Naftali Bennett, Israel’s Education Minister and Diaspora Affairs Minister told a group of Christian journalists who were attending the first Christian Media Summit in Jerusalem this week.

Bennett revealed that as a child growing up in Israel during the 1980s, he believed war was a “thing of the past.”

“Many of us thought we were growing up in a normal country, experiencing normal childhoods, you know like in America, going to fast food places, watching TV shows,” he explained. “Years later, after I had done an exit with my hi-tech company and became an overnight multi-millionaire, one would think I’d be sipping a margarita on a beach in Acapulco. But I didn’t have much time to enjoy this success because the Second Lebanon War came, and I had to return to the IDF and command units behind enemy lines deep in Lebanon to take out missile batteries.”

“That was the turning point in my life when I suddenly realized that I couldn’t take Israel’s existence for granted anymore,” Bennett continued. “Hezbollah, which is armed and supported by Iran, was gaining a stronghold within Lebanon, aiming missiles at my parent’s house in Haifa.”

That realization brought him into the political arena and as a senior cabinet member with combat experience who has access to military intelligence, Bennett didn’t mince words about what Iran is planning.

“Because of the nuclear deal they have with the West, Iran’s goal is not to acquire a nuclear weapon now. The Iranians made the deal with the West to create a false sense of paradise,” Bennett claimed. “Remember, they can still use their centrifuges, so they are using this period to build machinery that will allow them at the end of the deal to just press a button and create dozens of nuclear weapons very quickly. The radical Islamists led by Iran want to take over the world and are working to build a Shiite crescent throughout the Middle East and beyond.”

Reported by: Becca Noy – Jerusalem Online

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Prophecy in the News

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