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Iran will bar Americans from entering the Islamic Republic following Trump's Muslim ban

Iran will bar Americans from entering the Islamic Republic following Trump’s Muslim ban

Less than a day after US President Donald Trump announced dramatic restrictions on Muslim entry into the US, the Iranian Foreign Ministry declared that for now, American citizens will be barred from entering their country.

Iran announced that they have decided to bar Americans from entering their territory in response to US President Trump’s new decree to halt the entry of citizens from 7 majority Muslim countries including Iran.  According to the Iranian Foreign Ministry, “The ban is a clear insult to the Islamic world and especially to the wonderful Iranian nation.”

Meanwhile, two Iraqi citizens announced that they plan to sue the US government and President Trump after they were arrested in the airport while trying to enter into the US, despite the fact that the two received a visa legally. The two were arrested yesterday following Trump’s executive decree.

One of the people that was arrested was Hameed Khalid Darweesh, who in the past worked as a translator for the US military in Iraq. He was released from detention only this morning and upon being released, he stated: “America is a free land. It is the greatest nation.” When asked what he thought about Trump, he replied: “I am fond of him but I don’t know him.” He also noted that he was separated from his family during the period of time that he was in detention. Darweesh’s entry to the US was approved under an exception clause that exists in the executive order.

Haider Sameer Abdulkhaleq Alshawi, who is the second detainee, remains in custody. According to the report, he received approval for a visa earlier this month in order to visit his wife and son, who obtained refugee status in the country due to his wife’s connection to the US military.

Reported by: Rachel Avraham/Jerusalem Online


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