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Iraqi Leader: Jews Can Return to Iraq (VIDEO)

Iraqi Leader: Jews Can Return to Iraq (VIDEO)

Shi’ite cleric who won recent Iraqi elections says Iraqi Jews who fled Iraqi persecution last century can return if they are ‘loyal.’

Sayyid Muqtada al-Sadr, a Shiite cleric whose Saairun party won the most seats in the Iraqi parliament in the May 2018 elections, does not rule out the return of Jews of Iraqi origin to Iraq.

A document containing al-Sadr’s response to a question sent to him on this issue was published on social media.

Al-Sadr was asked: “Will there be Jews of Iraqi origin who are entitled to return to Iraq after the previous policy led to their emigration in the middle of the last century, in light of the fact that they have assets and they were part of Iraqi society?”

Al-Sadr replied: “If they are loyal to Iraq, then they are welcome.”

Reported by: ARUTZ SHEVA Israel National News

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