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ISIS claims responsibility for Manchester Arena suicide bombing: VIDEO

ISIS claims responsibility for Manchester Arena suicide bombing: VIDEO

At least 22 murdered, 59 injured

The Greater Manchester Police confirmed that the terror attack in the city was carried out by a suicide bomber. “Terrorists attempt to disrupt our lives,” stated the police chief. “It is important that we all continue to remain vigilant.” On Tuesday morning, ISIS claimed responsibility for the terror attack.

At least 22 people were murdered and more than 59 were injured in a suicide bombing that took place Monday night following an Ariana Grande concert at the Manchester Arena. The terror attack was carried out by a suicide bomber whose body was located by local security forces at the scene. Many children and young teenagers attended the concert and according to Greater Manchester Police Chief Constable Ian Hopkins, many of those who were murdered were children.

“Terrorists attempt to disrupt our lives and create distrust and fear in communities,” read a statement released by the Greater Manchester Police. “It is important that we all continue to remain vigilant but also to go about our daily lives.”

At the moment, police are investigating whether the terrorist acted alone or received help from a terrorist network. Most of the injured victims were rushed to hospitals throughout the city. British Prime Minister Theresa May called an emergency cabinet meeting in light of the attack.

On Tuesday morning, ISIS released an online video in which the murderous terrorist organization claimed responsibility for the deadly terror attack. In the video, a masked ISIS terrorist proclaims: “In the name of Allah the merciful, the grateful, this is only the beginning. The lions of the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham are beginning to attack all the crusaders.” At the end of the video, the terrorist holds up a sign that reads: Manchester, 22-05-2017. Allahu Akbar.

Pray for all the innocent people who were injured and the families who lost loved ones. Pray for their comfort and may God watch over them. PITN

Reported by: Becca Noy – Jerusalem Online

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