Following the successful hydrogen bomb test, head of the Fisher Institute’s Space and UAV Research Center and expert on North Korea explains that the main threat is towards the US: “This is not a propaganda show – this is real. A real hydrogen bomb can destroy a huge city.”

“If an atomic bomb can destroy a small to medium-sized city, a hydrogen bomb can destroy a huge city,” the Fisher Institute’s Space and UAV Research Center head and expert on North Korea, Tal Inbar, told Channel 2 News on Sunday. Pyongyang declared that it conducted a successful hydrogen bomb test, which led to earthquakes 10 times more powerful than in the past and caused neighboring nations South Korea and Japan to panic.

North Korea’s test marks the sixth time that the isolated nation has conducted a nuclear test. At the beginning of 2016, North Korea announced that it conducted a hydrogen bomb test, but the US clarified that the country had failed. It seems that the situation has completely changed and Pyongyang proved that its nuclear capabilities are far more advanced than what the West had anticipated.

“This is the first time ever that someone is presenting a hydrogen bomb from inside and allowing people to see how it’s made,” Inbar said. “This time, I don’t think that this is a propaganda show – this is real. With regard to North Korea, this is an extraordinary achievement and we must remember that they aren’t showing everything they have.”

According to Inbar, the trial was aimed at sending a message to the US and not towards North Korea’s neighboring countries of Japan and South Korea. While much simpler missiles can be used to destroy Seoul and Tokyo, Inbar claims that a very powerful bomb is needed in order to attack the US’s west coast.

Reported by: Judith Abramson – Jerusalem Online