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More Christian Bashing..."No Trump, No KKK, No Fascist USA!"...but, Why?

More Christian Bashing…”No Trump, No KKK, No Fascist USA!”…but, Why?

Billie Joe Armstrong, lead singer for the punk rock band Green Day, bashes President-elect Donald Trump in a song at the American Music Awards singing:

“No Trump, No KKK, No Fascist USA!”

What Billie Armstrong doesn’t realize, because he doesn’t know American history, is that the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) was founded in the 1866 and initially focused its terror tactics not on blacks, but on white Republicans. Historian Eric Foner calls the Klan the domestic terrorist arm of the Democratic Party, whose main objective was to enforce white supremacy and to keep the South voting monolithically Democrat. In the 1868 presidential campaign (Ulysses S. Grant – R vs. Horatio Seymour – D), the official Democratic Party slogan was…”This is a white man’s country – let a white man rule.”

In the book, “Hillary’s America” by Dinesh D’Souza, he explains this better on page 94-95.

“How interesting that the Democrat, Martin Luther King, is identified with a principle that the Republican, Frederick Douglass, expressed even more eloquently so much earlier. How bizarre that the Democrats are presumed to be the party of civil rights when the very content of civil rights was formulated and developed by the GOP.

Very few young people know that history. Most of them haven’t even heard about Douglass; who hasn’t heard of Martin Luther King? Am I suggesting that the scandalous neglect of Douglass and the excessive praise heaped on King is part of the progressive whitewash? You bet I am.

But, say the Democratic and progressive historians, wait a minute! While King’s program moved forward and was enacted into law, Douglass’s program was halted in its tracks. We cannot forget about the backlash!

Yes, indeed. The Democratic storytellers are right that there was a powerful backlash against blacks in the South, so that the constitutional provisions of freedom, equality, and social justice became a dead letter. The Civil Rights laws were stymied, and even the provisions that passed were ignored. Blacks were reduced to new forms of subjugation not identical with, but reminiscent of, slavery. This re-enslavement of blacks was enforced by a juggernaut of violence epitomized by that institution do domestic terrorism, the Ku Klux Klan.

This part of the story is true enough. What the storytellers omit, however, is that the Democrats are the ones who caused the backlash! They are the ones who from the beginning opposed black freedom and black equality, undermining voting rights and equal treatment under the law. They were the true enemies of racial and social justice.

Moreover, the Democrats did those things not just through political and legal measures but also through domestic terrorism. Indeed, the Ku Klux Klan was a licensed instrument of terror and intimidation unleashed by Democrats and operating for the benefit of the Democratic Party.

Consequently, it was Democrats who, from the 1860’s through the 1960’s, prevented blacks as a group from enjoying their rights through political opposition and violent acts of terror. Democrats now claim credit for allowing blacks to have the civil rights that they themselves violently prevented for a hundred years.”

That’s right. The Democrats in the 1880’s invented segregation and Jim Crow laws that lasted through the 1960’s. Democrats also came up with the “separate but equal” rationale that justified segregation and pretended that it was for the benefit of African Americans.

The Ku Klux Klan was founded in 1866 in Pulaski, Tennessee, by a group of former Confederate soldiers; its first grand wizard was a Confederate general who was also a delegate to the Democratic National Convention.

Mark Steyn of The Political reminds us in an article that he wrote June 25, 2015 about the Confederate flag…

“It is absurd that the Republican Party has been linked with the controversial relic because it’s actually a ‘Democrat flag.’ …the Democrat party historically, saying they were ‘the largest and most powerful institution supporting slavery’ and that they’ve ‘never come to terms with the evil of its past.’ The idea that Republicans can have the Confederate flag hung around their necks is ridiculous…It’s a Democrat flag. The states that seceded during the Civil War were all Democrat states, that’s their flag. The slave states were Democrat states, the racist states until the 1960’s where Democrat states.”

So why do so many in the mainstream media continue to bash the Republican Party and the President-elect Donald Trump?


Why did the cast of the Broadway musical, HAMILTON, try to shame and embarrass Vice-President-elect Mike Pence?  All this after they advertised for cast members, but wanted no white people. They blame the Republican Trump and Pence for “hating” black people, but they want nothing to do with white people. What  hypocrisy!

Every day we see celebrities on television making fun of Republicans, Christians, anyone that loves Jesus. It is because most of Hollywood hates God. You see, when God is in their lives, they can’t make themselves the “god” figure that want to proclaim to be. When you worship them, they make more money.

Their music, their spewing of hate language, their mocking of good men and women across this country needs to stop. They are destroying the hearts and minds of our children. It is time Christians take a stand!

There is only one way to stop this kind of hate speech and it is not by physically fighting back, but by the power of the boycott. Turn off that TV show when they spew hate. Write to the advertiser letting them know in a nice way that you will no longer support them. Turn off that music and teach your kids why.

Stand up for Jesus! You know, he loved us so much that he died for us!

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