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Nothing Will Get Better Until We Return to God

Nothing Will Get Better Until We Return to God

Ten dead in Santa Fe. We seem to have moved on already. A wedding between two rich people changed the subject. We are truly a numb and indifferent people.

It may be true that gun control advocates in the media tend to exaggerate mass shooting statistics, but they need not exaggerate. The actual figures are bad enough. There have been two mass shootings in our schools in the past four months, leaving 27 kids dead and another 30 injured. In between, there was a murder-suicide at a school in Maryland, and a student shot and killed both of his parents at a college in Michigan. That isn’t 22 shootings, as CNN claims, but it’s still horrific.

Look at a list of American mass shootings. The five deadliest have all happened in the previous five years. Two of the top five were committed in the last 12 months. Fourteen of the top 22 occurred in the past 10 years. People aren’t imagining things when they say that mass shootings seem to be happening with a much greater frequency these days. The deadliest shooting in American history was in 2016. Then a new deadliest mass shooting in American history happened in 2017. Yes, things are bad right now. Very bad.

“This isn’t normal,” as people have taken to saying. Except this is normal. Destruction and misery have been very much the norm throughout human history, but especially since the turn of the last century. Close to 100 million people were exterminated by communism alone. Then there was the Holocaust and many other genocides, not to mention two world wars and two nuclear attacks. We’re told we have emerged from the untold bloodshed of the 1900s and entered suddenly into “the most peaceful time in human history,” but those declarations simply ignore the 50 million human beings who are killed by abortion annually throughout the world. The human race has been on a pace of approximately 50 million abortions a year since at least 1990, which means we have exterminated 1.4 billion people in less than three decades. That’s 20 percent of the world’s population.

Most peaceful time? No. Not even close. This is by far, without question, the most violent time in human history. And it comes on the heels of the carnage of the early to mid-20th century, which was previously the most violent time in human history. Clearly, things are not getting better. They are getting worse, and in a hurry. We have simply gotten better at ignoring it.

There is one other notable global trend over the past century: secularism. Most countries have become increasingly godless as the years have progressed. The West is seeing historic levels of atheism and secularism, with some European countries now populated mostly by unbelievers. The world has never been a nice place, but it got quite a bit meaner when we abandoned religion. That is no coincidence.

The nightmare we have lived since the turn of the previous century has been the direct result of the world’s rejection of God. We fled from His embrace and what we found out here in the wilderness, in our “freedom,” is evil and despair on an unimaginable scale. We have become an empty country, an empty generation, an empty world. “They withdrew from me, went after emptiness, and became empty themselves,” God says through the Prophet Jeremiah. He speaks as much to us as He spoke to the people of Jeremiah’s time. And we are as eager to listen as they were.

Emptiness is the thing that ties all of this — the war, the shootings, the genocides — together. A great chasm is left behind when God is pushed out, and each individual, and each country, must struggle to fill the void with something. These school shooters usually look to media, video games, and television to make them whole, but those are not enough. Ultimately, they despair of life, and after wallowing in their indifference and their emptiness for too long, they explode in a fireball of violent desperation. But all they really want is to feel something; to find some kind of power and purpose in their lives, even if is a destructive power and a terrible purpose.

Much of the human race — especially in the West, which is leading the rebellion against God — has followed a similar trajectory. The final result is inevitable. There is no other possible conclusion. The flight from God can end nowhere but death and ruin.

What is the solution? Well, nothing less than a mass spiritual revival and a collective return to faith. No other remedy will cure anything. Everything else is just redistributing and reshuffling the problem, like pushing food around on a plate to make it look like you’ve eaten something. Our false solution to the genocide of the 20th century was to rebrand it and call it abortion. What will be our false solution to school shootings? Whatever we come up with, it will surely make everything worse.

Unless it is God. He is the only solution. How many more have to suffer and die before we figure this out?

Written by: Matt Walsh – The DailyWire

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