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Powerful Group Says to BAN Islamic Propaganda in Schools

Powerful Group Says to BAN Islamic Propaganda in Schools

The unholy alliance between liberals and extremist Muslims continues to enrage us as they unite in indoctrinating our youth.

The Christian Action Network (CAN) is demanding that the Department of Education end its program that plans to indoctrinate students into Islam. Taxpayer money is being used to support the creation of lesson plans for students without their parents’ knowledge.

Martin Mawyer, CAN’s president, issued a letter to the Department of Education threatening legal action if the program is not scrapped within 60 days. The Constitution clearly does not allow for the promotion of religion at school — any religion.

The lesson plan is pure propaganda — it teaches children Islamic scripture and how to be good Muslims. Further, the lesson plans were created by PBS, which is in-part funded by the taxpayers, and the lessons were approved and funded by the Department of Education.

This is typical of liberals — simple hypocrisy combined with their hatred of the West. Liberals go crazy whenever a Christian prayer group operates on school grounds outside of class time, yet they are happy to finance Islamic indoctrination through approved lesson plans.

To make matters worse, Islam is the only religion that receives this treatment. CAN searched for similar lesson plans on other religions and could not find any whether it be Christian, Jewish, or even Buddhist. Why are children being taught the Five Pillars of Islam and not the Ten Commandments?

Lesson plans based around the simple facts of different faiths would be fine, but these courses are pure indoctrination. For example, they ask students to memorize the Quran for credit.

The program is not designed to teach students about Islam but to generate converts. Teachers are instructed to bring in Muslim leaders to discuss their faith. The lesson plans tell teachers to “have your students meet with Muslims in your community to learn about their religious practices and views.”

Why meet up with Muslim leaders when teachers are fully capable of explaining what Islam is to students? The only possible purpose is to give Muslims the opportunity to convert young impressionable school children.

The lesson plan is the latest in the misguided attempts by leftists to force our children to hate everything Western. The teachings of Christianity are much more positive than the murderous methods of Muhammad, yet liberals turn their noses down at Christianity because it is from the West.

Liberals will go out of their way to promote the most oppressive religion ever conceived because they consider Muslims to be oppressed. Our society will pay greatly for this error — starting with our children.

This is nothing but pure indoctrination!

Reported by: Conservative Fighters


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