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Resist Movement, BLM, and Radical Islam Join Forces

Resist Movement, BLM, and Radical Islam Join Forces

The unpopular and well known Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton supporters have now mutated into a radical and violent faction of our society known as the #Resist movement — physically attacking people whose opinions don’t agree with their own, setting cars on fire, breaking storefront windows, and even threatening the assassination of President Trump.

These Anarchists of law-hating Obama worshipers and illegal immigrants, have found their lives meaningless and endanger of being subject to the rule of law after the utterly humiliating defeat of Hillary Clinton in the presidential election.

CNN, MSNBC, ABC News, New York Times, the Washington Post, Senate Democrats and the ACLU have toiled in the quagmire of defeat and powerlessness, and are now “acting out” in the largest “Temper Tantrum” in U.S. History.

Now, with the Immigration ban in place, Radical Islamists like the CAIR organization and the ACLU plan on tieing our courts up with frivolous legal action against the Trump Administration. Their baseless arguments perpetuated by Liberal Judges all msiake a lot of noise, but with no legal footing to stand on, and will only find themselves wasting money and time in their fruitless efforts

They will raise millions of dollars to spend on financing the #resist movement but will only be awarded with more frustration, more crying, and more tantrums.

Jesus, and the Law, is on our side and we will never apologize for putting America and it’s citizens’ safety ahead of others. America was founded on Christian values, and God has intervened this election and made things right.

Radical Islam has now joined forces, in what they call the #MuslimBand, even though it was a terrorist ban. So is it a coincidence that Liberals call it a “Muslim Band”? If the Executive orders in place are to prevent Terrorists from entering the country, does the Left then equate this to be a Muslim Band because 98% of the Terrorism in the World is carried out by Muslims?

We are watching a very interesting thing taking place and the lower echelon of the uncivilized half of society is now being led by CAIR and the Muslim Brotherhood, without even realizing it.

We saw a Women’s march recently where most women were marching for women’s rights and pro-choice issues, but after it had been organized and hijacked by pro Sharia Law radical Linda Sarsour, the movement turned into a fruitless Trump Bashing march which led most of those women to wonder, why they even bothered to come out in the first place. Duped and Tricked are the words they felt after it was over, with a much, much smaller crowd turning out the next day.

But it doesn’t stop there. Now we found out that Radical Islamic organizations like CAIR, and Terrorist organizations like the Muslim Brotherhood who constitute about 1% of America’s population have organized the Airport Protests, and yet again, the uneducated Liberals who blindly follow anyone, even to the detriment of their own lives, have coluded with the likes of Radical Islam, who want nothing less than to kill non Muslims and convert the United States into a Sharia law country, where no one has rights.

The fortunate, or unfortunate reality for the Left, is that the Right constitute the majority of the population of the United States; who control the Senate, control Congress; control Law Enforcement, the control the Military, and are in 100% backing by the “Three Percenters”.

Now the BLM, feeling left out of the Anarchy, because they were seen as too warm and fuzzy, are now joining the movement as a Temper Tantrum Trio. These  Radical Extremists faction now constitutes about 25% of American Society.

Many of them highly educated, and yet completely rely on Liberal Professors, and the Mainstream Media for their information, and don’t research the facts for themselves, nor do they watch alternative news channels to get the facts, because they are simply too narrow minded and hate-obsessed to listen to them.

Similar to how Germany was tricked by Hitler to hate the Jews, so the same scenario is playing out against the Trump Administration’s policies of “America First”, but one things for sure, these Liberal Temper tantrums will continue unending and consecutively with every stroke of the pen of the Trump Administration.

Reported by: R.A. Romero – American Insider Online

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