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RUSSIA: Israel Will Suffer ‘Catastrophic Consequences’ if it Attacks Future S-300 System in Syria

RUSSIA: Israel Will Suffer ‘Catastrophic Consequences’ if it Attacks Future S-300 System in Syria

A Russian newspaper reported today that Syria will soon receive the advanced S-300 missile system from Moscow free of charge. The military sources who spoke with the newspaper added that Israel will suffer “catastrophic consequences” if it attacks the system.

Moscow will supply the Syrian government with the advanced S-300 missile system, the Russian Kommersant newspaper reported on Monday, according to Hadashot news. Citing two Russian military sources, the newspaper said that the system, which will be provided to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad for free, will arrive in Syria very soon.

The sources added that the components of the system will be transferred to Syria on transport aircraft and naval ships. The military officials added that if Israel attacks the system in Syria, it will suffer “catastrophic consequences.”

Other sources who spoke with Kommersant said that the system will be set up in several strategic areas, including Damascus. Initially, only Russian officials will be allowed to operate the system. However, Syrian Army officers will eventually learn the technology and be allowed to operate it.

Last week, JOL reported that Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said that Moscow may provide Damascus with the missile system in response to the coordinated airstrikes carried out by the US, Britain and France in Syria. Speaking to the BBC, Lavrov said that the attack, which he called an “outrageous act of aggression,” convinced Russia that the Syrian Army needs the system.

“Several years ago, we decided not to supply S-300 systems to Syria at our partners’ request,” he explained. “Now, we will consider options to ensure the Syrian state’s security after this outrageous act of aggression from the United States, France and Great Britain.”

In the past, Israeli officials have expressed concerns about the S-300 system’s possible arrival in Syria, claiming that the system would limit Israel’s freedom of action in the region and threaten the Israeli Air Force’s superiority.

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