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School Tries To Teach Kids Islam, Dad Shuts It Down (Video)

School Tries To Teach Kids Islam, Dad Shuts It Down (Video)

A San Diego, California, school sparked outrage when they worked with the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) to propose a program that protected Islamic students – alarming one father in particular, who had some choice words for the school board.

Christopher Wyrick attended his children’s school board meeting after conservative websites began reporting on the district’s new program to protect Muslim students from bullying that was constructed with the help of CAIR.

Trustee Kevin Beiser spoke at the board meeting, clarifying the program amid perceived confusion from parents.

“We will not allow Muslim students in San Diego schools to be spit on,” Beiser said, San Diego Tribune reported.

“All students should be safe,” one parent replied.

A short while later, parent Christopher Wyrick approached the school board and confronted them on their work with CAIR. In a clip of the confrontation, Wyrick appears angered by the program and bluntly states his concerns.

“At what point did you decide that it was OK to teach my children about Islam?” he says. Later, Wyrick refuses to leave the podium and remains adamant that he would be finishing his speech.

“You’re gonna have to drag me out of here,” he yells.

The story quickly went viral, with many applauding Wyrick and slamming the school for using their anti-bullying program to promote Islam.

“Keep after them Mr Wyrick. The organization CAIR is a front for the Muslim brotherhood and every member of CAIR is a member of The Muslim Brotherhood and all of them are members of HAMAS. CAIR is pushing this Islam teachings nation wide and infiltrating the school. These teaching are actually FORCED Conversion to Islam and it is ILLEGAL. Everybody on San Diego School Board shoud be fired ASAP,” one Mad World News reader commented on the site’s Facebook page.

“Good for you sir. I stand behind you 100%. This crap doesn’t belong in Americas school systems. Can you even begin to imagine if we went to their Country and did not assimilate to their beliefs? This is America and we already have our beliefs and if you don’t like it, then you shouldn’t be living in this Country. You knew what this Country was long before you came here,” another added.

“If Christians tried to enact this…all HELL would break loose…parents wake up and get involved and stop this evil from happening before it’s to late. We the people are responsible for what’s taking place in our country and we the parents need to take back our schools!” another wrote.

Reported by: Sean Kelly – America Now .com

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