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Signs of An Immoral Nation

Signs of An Immoral Nation

Proverbs 14:34 KJV

“Righteousness exalteth a nation: but sin is a reproach to any people.”

Trans Woman To Throw Out First Pitch At Cardinals’ Game

For the first time in history, a transgender woman (biologically a man, for those of you trying to keep up with this stuff) will throw out the first pitch at a Major League baseball game in the U.S.

Tassandra Crush will throw the pitch as part of the St. Louis Cardinals’ “LGBT Pride Night” on Friday when they square off against the Tampa Bay Rays. Attendees will receive a Cardinals hat adorned with a “gay pride” rainbow.

Crush is “Pride St. Louis’s” “Queen of Pride.”

“In these strange times, we never know what tomorrow will hold,” Crush said to “Given this great opportunity, I pray this can make everyone watching think twice … to think twice about every person they come into contact with; to think twice and recognize we all are humans, every trans person is a human, and we all can live and should live in peace together.

“This is truly an honor and such a humbling opportunity I have been given, not only as the first openly transgender woman to throw the first pitch at the first official Pride Night at Busch Stadium, but as being St. Louis Queen Of Pride 2017,” she said. “This day is a day to remember; to remember how far we as LGBT individuals have come and celebrate how far we are going. Look to the stars, there’s more space than we all think.”

The Cardinals are making amends, of sorts, to leftists. They angered them by allowing legendary outfielder Lance Berkman to speak at their “Christian Day.” Berkman is an outspoken critic of bills allowing transgenders to use the bathroom of their choosing.

This isn’t the first time a transgender has thrown the first pitch ever at an MLB game. In June 2016, Rachel Clark threw the first pitch at a Toronto Blue Jays game in Canada.

Crush is a prominent figure in St. Louis, often performing at all-nude burlesque shows throughout the city.

Reported by: Robert Gehl – The Federalist Papers

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