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Sometimes the truth is absolutely shocking!

Sometimes the truth is absolutely shocking!

William Ellison Jr. was a black slave owner and the wealthiest black property owner in the state of South Carolina.

CNN News Pundit Calls For the Removal of All Washington, Jefferson & Lee Monuments!..but wait, what about William Ellison Jr.

On television today, political commentator Angela Rye demanded that all memorials and likenesses of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and Robert E. Lee be taken down.

Rye said on CNN that there is a “problem” in how many people are taught American history in school.

“George Washington was a slave-owner. Whether we think they were protecting American freedom or not, he wasn’t protecting my freedom,” Rye said.

“My ancestors weren’t deemed human beings to him.

[The monuments] all need to come down,” she said, naming the three Virginians.

“This country was built on a very violent past that resulted in the death and the raping and the killing of my ancestors. I’m not going to allow us to say it’s okay for Robert E. Lee but not a George Washington. We need to call it what it is,” she said.

Rye said America is “very close to repeating” the problems of the early days of the Union, apparently referencing President Trump’s reaction to violence in Jefferson’s hometown of Charlottesville.

BUT, what she doesn’t know is America’s history.

William Ellison Jr. was a black slaver owner and the wealthiest black property owner in the state of South Carolina. Read about him and watch the video below:

William Ellison Jr., born April Ellison, (c. April 1790 – December 5, 1861) was a cotton gin maker and blacksmith in South Carolina, a free negro and former slave who achieved considerable success in business before the American Civil War. He eventually became a major planter and one of the medium property owners, and the wealthiest black property owner in the state. He held 40 slaves at his death and more than 1,000 acres (400 ha) of land. From 1830-1865 he and his sons were the only free blacks in Sumter County, South Carolina to own slaves. The county was largely devoted to cotton plantations and the majority population were slaves.

PITN: America is not perfect, but we are proudly the land of the free and home of the brave. In our history, there were white slave owners and black slave owners, but that is our history that should be acknowledged. If we erase our history, we cease to exist. As Christians, pray daily for our country that God will forgive us of our sins, past and present. Don’t let the hate you see on TV get you down! We should always go about our daily lives with respect for one another and love in our hearts, whether we agree or not. Respect is a powerful word. NEVER, NEVER be afraid to speak the truth!

And as always, KEEP LOOKING UP!


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