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Written by: J.R. Church

It has been several years since the term “New World Order was widely used. It almost seems as if it faded from the world scene after George Bush (father) popularized the term in the 1990’s. His use of the term didn’t set too well with conservative voters. After a glorious victory over Iraq, he became a one-term president. Politicians learned not to use the cliché around voters. But across the pond, in stodgy old Europe, the New World Order is as popular as ever.

Just six weeks after 9/11, Belgium’s Prime Minister, Guy Verhofstadt, while serving as President-in-Office of the European Council, gave a speech in Warsaw, Poland, at the opening ceremony of the College of Europe, on the very subject of the emerging New World Order. He spoke to students at the beginning of their academic year. He noted the need for Europe to become a model for an emerging New World Order. He mentioned that the United Nations was organized to establish the “New World Order” and that the United States, under former president, George Bush, had tried and failed.

George Bush senior who, in 1991, two years after the fall of the Berlin Wall and shortly after the victory against Saddam Hussein, issued a call the a New World Order…A New World Order built or protected by the United States alone turned out to be an illusion. Verhofstadt went on to say, “And yet, we now need a New World Order more than ever before. A world order in which American leadership will of course remain a key element, if only because it will remain the only country with a global military force until such time as Europe develops a defense capability of its own. But the other continents, and especially Europe, must make a major contribution to building this New World Order. How can we find a stronger and more effective alternative to a system based on the United Nations with its 189 formally sovereign states? We need to find a new path, a middle way. We could order the world on the basis of existing regional cooperation organizations: The European Union, ASEAN, Mercosur, NAFTA, the African Union, the Arab League and SAARC in southern Asia. In this context, we should also include countries like China, Russia, and Japan, and the whole of Oceania. We need to take a first step down the path towards a global form of federalism, a structure where the reality of an increasingly interactive world is finally made a political reality too. In fact, a structure of this kind was already planned when the United Nations was created in 1945, but was never implemented after the Cold War.

“We need a global political vision, a political counterweight capable of reining in uncontrolled forces, be they market forces or ideological forces. The European Union is the model, which shows this is possible. The European Union has become a model for regional cooperation agreements worldwide; a source of inspiration for the structures of a new world yet to be created. What I have tried to do today is to prove that the European Union is the most generous political project on our continent, a project that can be held up as an example for a New World Order that will truly begin to close the gap between rich and poor.. Now, as we stand on the threshold of the 21st century, I find it hard to imagine a greater political ambition.”


A “coming one-world political, economic and religious system” has been predicted by most Bible prophecy teachers for as long as anyone can remember. Old Testament prophets referred to the condition of the world at the time of the end. Jesus had more to say about the status of the world at the time of His return than any of the writers of the New Testament. He talked about the signs of His coming in Matthew 24, Mark 13, Luke 17 and 21.

The Apostle Paul spoke about the last days, Peter, Jude and John, climaxing about the coming New World Order.

Past president George Bush, along with Mikhail Gorbachev, popularized the terms, “New World Order,” “New International Order,” and “new partnership of nations.” In George Bush’s address to a joint session of Congress of September 11, 1990, his entire theme and focus was “The New World Order.” In speaking of the Persian Gulf crisis, Bush warned, “This is the first assault on the new world we seek, the first test of our mettle.” He then summed up: “a new world order” may emerge from the crisis in which the world is “freer from the threat of terror, stronger in the pursuit of justice and more secure in the quest for peace.”


Author Tal Brooke once wrote: “Today the pieces are falling into place for a world-wide transformation. In the not-too-distant future a New World Order, unlike anything the world has ever seen, could appear almost overnight. Could this be the global reality predicted 2,000 years ago by a prophet on the Isle of Patmos? A momentous global event is upon us – the birth of a New World Order.”

Where did the idea for the world government originate? There was, is, and always shall be avowed worshipers of Lucifer. Luciferians have lived and died promoting the worship of Lucifer through Babylonian, Egyptian, and Druid Witchcraft and are determined to overthrow all religions and governments. Their goal is to unite all nations into a “one-world government” and exalt Lucifer as the god of this world! It should become clear that Satan, himself, through an international political movement is the one behind the move for a one-world government.

Dr. Adam Weishaupt founded the Illuminati on May 1st, 1776. He earlier has planned and produced the blueprint for the French Revolution. This Apostle of Lucifer, Weishaupt, converted to Catholicism, and then turned to Witchcraft. The Illuminati is a Luciferian movement to preserve and promote the ancient Black Arts of Babylonian and Druid Witchcraft. Its goals are to destroy Christianity and all world governments, and then unite them under a one-world government whose ruler is Lucifer.

Apostles of Lucifer are using Secret Societies, Communism, International Banking, Christian fronts, and even social issues to further their diabolical plans. These modern day witches are determined to over-throw Christianity and the worship of Jesus Christ by using various means – subliminal mind sciences on the one hand, and physical force on the other.

The Luciferian plot to destroy all religions and all governments, so that a one-world Luciferian government may be established, is here today in what is known as “The New Age Movement.”

Luciferian front organizations, designed to destroy all controlling governments and religions, are the real hidden instigators of all the communist parties of the world, and communism actually derived out of spiritualism (witchcraft)!

Communists are just another pawn for a much larger circle of hidden instigators that want to provoke revolution, riots, race wars, and anarchy. The whole world is to be thrown into riot and revolution by these conspirators, as a way to frighten the inhabitants into a one-world government.


A current buzzword designed to hide the true intentions of those implementing one-world government, is “globalism.” The United Nations was founded upon a well-thought-out policy of globalism. This would require us to submit to the decrees of the United Nations General Assembly as law. Globalism has been a growing trend since 1973, when many famous and influential people signed the Humanist Manifesto II. The New Age Movement, which is made up of humanistic thinkers, has been very influential in causing free and affluent nations such as America to go along with the global plan for a New World Order. People operating out of self-interest do not surrender their freedoms and heritage unless they are persuaded there is something better ahead.


James P. Warburg, author of the book, “The West in Crisis,” once stated his support for a world government. On February 17, 1950, Warburg also told a Senate Committee how the peoples of the world would receive this world-government: “We shall have world government whether you like it or not, if not by consent by conquest.”

Author Ralph Epperson commented: “In Addition to destroying man’s basic loyalties to family, nation and religion, the nation must be conditioned to the belief that less is better than more. The standard of living of those in the affluent nations must be reduced. This will be done by a slow, gradual process of conditioning the citizens of the rich nations to survive on less than they produce.”

The President of the Rockefeller Foundation, John Knowles, made his position very clear: “I am sure of only one thing – more is not necessarily better. Central to a new ethic of making less more is controlled economic growth which conserves scarce resources, provides more equitable distribution of income and wealth.”

When people in more productive nations have been conditioned to live with less, than they can be conditioned to share their excel wealth with less productive nations. U.S. corporations have been encouraged to move their manufacturing plants to other nations, leaving America without an industrial base. This sharing of the wealth, the exacto position proposed in the Communist Manifesto, is called the New International Economic Order. The new order calls for a more equitable distribution of the earth’s resources among the earth’s people and redistribution of wealth among rich and poor nations.


Tal Brooke summarized, “The New World Order will be different from anything the world has ever seen. It will be an impressive monolith of colossal power. There will be things about it that will surprise all of us – things we did not foresee. In the end, the world will require something drastic, something far beyond the ability of any man or machine to solve.”

The Apostle Peter wrote about what will happen to this despoiled and tortured planet:

“But the day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night; in which the heavens shall pass away with a great noise, and the elements shall melt with fervent heart, the earth also and the works that are therein shall be burned up.”

“Nevertheless we, according to his promise, look for new heavens and a new earth, wherein dwelleth righteousness.” (II Peter 3: 10,13)

A one-world government is coming. It is almost here. Christians, please understand; it is the system that must be in place before the final world ruler – the Antichrist – can ascend his throne.

The United Nations is currently developing the following:

A World Court, World Police, World Central Bank, World Treasury, an Economic Security Council, a World Trade and Production Organization, and Global Taxation.

James Gustave Speth, who headed up “Project Global 2000,” once said that “unchecked population growth” is the biggest threat to “human security” and, by the year 2015, world population needs to be stabilized at 7.3 billion.

With the world population already above six billion and rising, some are convinced that armed insurrections will accommodate the UN goal with massive exterminations. Forced abortions, planned famines, and biological warfare are other options for meeting their goal. Many are asking how long it will take the UN to implement plans to accomplish their New World Order.

As Christians, we need to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ (John 3:16) and…


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