The rocket fire towards Israel continues this evening, while the Iron Dome system intercepted 2 rockets, a third landed in an open field and a fourth landed within Gaza’s territory. Israel stated that if the rocket fire does not stop, it will dramatically toughen its responses.

A Red Alert rocket siren was sounded this evening (Wednesday) within towns along the Gaza border, Sderot and Ashqelon Beach Regional Council. A 30-year-old man was slightly injured while running towards the bomb shelters. According to initial reports, the Iron Dome system intercepted two of the rockets fired.

Shortly afterward, an additional rocket landed within the Gaza Strip and another exploded in an open field within the Eshkol Regional Council. Due to the location of the rocket landing, the Red Alert rocket siren was not sounded.

An Israeli defense official stated today that if the rocket fire from Gaza does not stop, the IDF will dramatically toughen its response. The Israeli security establishment is already prepared for a significant increase in its responses towards the rocket fire and also, for the day that the rocket fire will come to an end. “If nothing changes, we won’t maintain our measured responses,” a senior-level Israeli defense official stated.

Reported by: Jerusalem Online