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What Would a War Between Hezbollah and Israel Look Like?

What Would a War Between Hezbollah and Israel Look Like?

The focus of the next conflict in the Middle East is moving from Syria to Israel as Hezbollah strengthens its grasp after it was victorious in their Syrian sphere.

Hezbollah has been gaining strength from their experience in the Syrian war. In addition to this, Iran has been strengthening their grasp on the region, especially in the Syrian part of Israel’s border area.

A war with Hezbollah would be especially dangerous for Israel as the terror group has stockpiled 100s of thousands of missiles capable of hitting all parts of Israel. Besides that, the Iranian military can now help in any conflict making Israel’s predicament even more precarious.

There is a danger that this war not only would cause large scale damage within Israel and also Lebanon, but could spark a regional war dragging in Iran and the Gulf States and even the USA.

When it comes down to it, the real outcome of the Syrian war is that the battle lines for the next international conflict are being drawn by those countries that injected themselves into the Syrian civil war.

Russia, USA, Kurds, Turkey, Iran, and more all have vested interests in the outcome of an Israel-Hezbollah war. This makes the situation that much more shaky and potentially explosive. A third Hezbollah and Israel war would have a devastating effect on Israel’s society, economy, and infrastructure as the Iron Dome and David’s Sling are not completely effective again Hezbollah’s missiles.


Another aspect of the conflict would be Hezbollah’s and Iran’s attempt to actually cross units into Israel an attack civilians, causing large scale devastation and severe psychological harm.

The only question now is not if there will be a war, but when.

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What began seven years ago as an uprising against the Assad regime has become a regional proxy war. Now there is talk of another was in the offing, one between Hezbollah and Israel. What would that look like, and how would it differ from the 2006 conflict? In March of 2018, special correspondent Jane Ferguson joined Judy Woodruff to discuss the growing fears, Iran’s influence, and the bombardment of Eastern Ghouta.

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